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(Source: Plum Village)

1. Breathing in, Breathing out

Breathing in, breathing out. (2)
I am blooming as a flower.
I am fresh as the dew.
I am solid as a mountain.
I am firm as the earth.
I am free!
Breathing in, breathing out. (2)
I am water reflecting
What is real, what is true.
And I feel there is space
Deep inside of me.
I am free! I am free! I am free!

2. I Have Arrived

I have arrived, I’m home
In the here and in the now.
I have arrived, I’m home
In the here and in the now.
I’m solid, I’m free. (2X)
In the ultimate I dwell. (2X)

3. Happiness is Here and Now

Happiness is here and now
I have dropped my worries
Nowhere to go, nothing to do!
No longer in a hurry!
Happiness is here and now
I have dropped my worries
Somewhere to go, something to do! But not in a hurry!

4. In…Out…Deep…Slow…
In…out… Deep…slow
Present moment…
Wonderful moment…

5. No Coming, No Going

No coming, no going No after, no before.
I hold you close to me
And I release you to be so free!
Because I am in you, and you are in me. (2X)

6. And When I Rise
And when I rise, let me rise
Like a bird, joyfully
And when I fall, let me fall
Like a leaf, gracefully
Without regrets
And when I sit, let me sit
Like a mountain, solidly
And when I lay, let me lay
Like a lake, calm and still,
Reflecting all
And when I work, let me work
Like a bee, lazily
And when I play, let me play
Like the rays, of the sun,

7. Taking Refuge

Breathing in, I go back to the island within myself. 

There are beautiful trees within the island, there are clear streams of water, there are birds, sunshine and fresh air. 

Breathing out, I feel safe. 

I enjoy going back to my island

8. Breathe And You Know…

Breathe and you know
… that you are alive
… that all is helping you
… that you are the world
… that the flower is breathing too
Breathe for yourself and you breathe for the world
Breathe in compassion and breathe out joy.
Breathe and be one
… with the air that you breathe
… with the river that flows
… with the earth that you tread
… with the fire that glows
Breathe and you break the thought of birth and death
Breathe and you see impermanence is life.
… for your joy to be steady and calm
… for your sorrow to flow away
… to renew every cell in your blood
… to renew the depth of consciousness
… and you dwell in the here and now
… and all you touch is new and real.

9. Dear Friends 
Dear friends, dear friends!
Let me tell you how I feel,
You have given me such treasures, I love you so.
Love, joy, inner peace,
Like a Sunday morning breeze
All my dear you are so welcome.
Love gives you ease.

10. Healing Chant
May the day be well
And the night be well.
May the mid-day hour
Bring happiness too.
In every minute and every second,
May the day and night be well.


11. No Discrimination
The sun, it shines on everyone (2x)
No discrimination! (2x)
The rain, it falls on everyone (2x)
No discrimination! (2x)
My heart belongs to everyone (2x)
No discrimination! (2x)♪

12. I Love Nature
I love nature. Nature is cool!
The forest is my classroom.
The Earth is my school.
Trees are my teachers.
Animals are my friends. And on this school all life depends. ♪

13. In Gratitude

In gratitude you have watered seeds of love in me, in gratitude.
In gratitude I will water seeds of love in someone too.
I know you’re there for me
And I am so happy.
[Repeat Refrain]
And when you suffer some,
Please call and I will come.
[Repeat Refrain]
Know that I’m there for you.
No need to feel alone.
[Repeat Refrain] ♪


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